Do You have Any Tricks or Tips for Measuring Guitar Parts?

How To Install/Repair

All guitar parts upgrades have the same starting point: ensuring that the part is the right size for your instrument.

Vintage guitar expert Russ from Just Great Guitars shows how to properly measure your nut width with a caliper.

(Just to avoid any confusion, we'd like to note that the "width" referred to in this video is actually what we at Graph Tech call "nut length")

It's never a bad idea to review this seemingly rudimentary step! Check it out in the video below.

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Which Do You Prefer: Major Key or Minor Key?

Legendary Guitar Playing

Major and minor keys are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde....Two faces of the same coin, but entirely different vibes. 

Tyler at Music Is Win plays 11 iconic guitar riffs in the opposite key--- Ones in minor key are played in major key, and vice versa.

Watch til the very end to find out which song absolutely should NOT be played in the opposite key, and let us know if you agree or not! 

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Do You Know the CAGED Method?

Guitar Playing Tutorials

YouTube Channel GuitarLessons365 has this super cool video on the CAGED sequence for intermediate level players. 

"It's a very quick way to learn many chords across the neck in a very systematic way," says instructor Carl Brown. 

See what he's talking about in the video below!  

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How Graph Tech-ed Out Is Your Guitar?

Press Coverage

In the eternal quest to finding the perfect guitar investing in a few parts upgrades is one of the most economical ways to achieve the sound you've been craving.

Lewis Turner from Guitar Interactive Magazine reviewed a number of our products in a video review.

He talks about TUSQ XL Nut & String TreesRatio Machine Heads, Ghost Saddles with Acousti-Phonic Preamp and how they benefit in improving a guitar's tuning stability and overall playing experience.

See the full video here (Intro is about a minute long if you want to dive right into the review)

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What Is The Most Unusual Audience You've Had?

Legendary Guitar Playing

Welp, this may just be the most adorable guitar performance we've ever seen.

YouTuber blooduhz uploaded this street performance by a busker that attracted an unusual crowd --- a group of kittens! 

Whether they were simply looking for food or were genuinely mesmerized by the sound of the guitar, it's hard not to be smitten by this tiny audience and believe that music transcends all species. 

Lift up your Monday Blues by watching the video below! 



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Do You Have A Live Performance Trick / Ritual?

Artist Watch

Performing live in front of an audience is nerve-racking enough, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about sound quality and the hassle of guitar switches

Graph Tech Endorsed Artist Sébastien Lefebvre (Simple Plan) shares how using the Ghost Acousti-Phonic Preamp System has become an integral part of his live show:

"We started having a lot of acoustic guitars in our recordings and we felt that, as a band, it would affect our live sound too much if I switched to an acoustic guitar for those parts, and in reverse if we decided not to play those part at all live. With the Ghost system, I can have a great acoustic guitar sound right from my electric guitar with the flick of a switch. We can accurately reproduce the sound of the album without too many guitar switches during the set. It’s been an essential part of our live sound for over 12 years now."

Thanks, Seb! Nothing makes us happier than our products improving guitarists' playing experience.

Check out Simple Plan's latest single "Singing In the Rain" in the video below! 

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Do Your Machine Heads Cater To Your String Tension?

Video Blog

Do you know that your guitar strings have varying string tension due to varying core diameter? 

That may not mean much to you until you think about winding these strings with machine heads (tuners) with the same gear ratio. That's as silly as using the same screwdriver on screws of all sizes and shapes! You just can't get the control you need.

Ratio Machine Heads are a bit like those multi-bit screwdrivers, in a sense that each tuner is optimized for each string tension. This means you don't have to think about which string you are tuning because they all feel and respond the same.  No more overshooting the Low E or G, or twisting away on the High E or D string---- you'll get fast and intuitive tuning on all strings.

See the video below to learn what we mean!

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What Is Your Favorite Guitar DIY Hack?

How To Install/Repair

Who knew that there were more than one type of nuts you can put on a guitar...

Walnuts (like the actual nuts you snack on) are known to be good quick fixes for furtniture and floor scratches. 

YouTuber Matt Mitchell shows how to apply this trick to cure minor scratches on the wood of your guitar. The oil from the walnut allows the wood to swell up ever so slightly to help conceal the scratch. 

See this trick in the video below!  

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What Is Your Favorite Racer X Song?

Legendary Guitar Playing

Check out this pint-sized girl from Japan cover Racer X's "Scarified." At the tender age of 11 (8 in this video), Li-sa-X is endorsed by Ibanez and has received a lot of shout-outs from guitarists and professionals from around the world. Paul Gilbert even does a response video to her performance!

Watch Li-sa-X magically work her tiny fingers in the video below! 

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Who Was Your Best Guitar Teacher?

Guitar Playing Tutorials

We've all heard the Chinese proverb:  "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Brian from Active Melody lives this example, as he shows how to play filler lead notes in between chords on the guitar, as well as where those licks come from ----- so that you can start to create your own filler licks using this technique.

See his lesson in the video below! 

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