Be More Impressive In 8 Minutes

Guitar Playing Tutorials

You don't need to dedicate hours and hours trying to ingrain chords from a book to your brain. 

Got 8 minutes to spare? Learn this cool trick shared by YouTuber Sean Daniel, to memorize over 100 guitar chords with 9 moveable shapes.

Skip to the video after the jump to see this helpful video! 

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Which Band Would You Love To Share The Stage With?

Artist Watch

A couple months ago, Brandon Niederaurer got to do what most guitarists can only dream of. He was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play with his favorite band, The Scorpions on stage......... and he is only 12.

We don't know which we feel stronger: jealous or impressed!

Brandon is currently starring in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway rendition of School of Rock (based on the 2003 Jack Black film). With the skill level and stage confidence that he exemplifies in this video, there is no doubt he steal the show in that as well! 

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POLL: Which Would You Rather Carry Your Guitar Picks In?

Guitar Research Question of the Week

Where do you usually stash your guitar picks? What is the most ideal way to carry them around with you? 

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What Does It Mean To Have "More Harmonics"?

Video Blog

Guitar and music lingo can get pretty technical, which is great for musicians and music theorists---  but not very helpful if you're just starting out or trying to explain things to an un-musical buddy. 

Here is one analogy for "more harmonics": 

"It's like the difference between a single person singing compared to a 12-piece choir: a richer and fuller sound." 

That is quite a huge difference! 

Watch the video below to find out more benefits of TUSQ, and why Graph Tech products are the #1 choice of leading guitar manufacturers.

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What Upgrades Have You Installed On Your Guitar?

How To Install/Repair

Finding the right part for your guitar is kind of like finding the right pair of shoes: it involves some measuring as well as physically trying them on.... but once you find that perfect fit, it could be a magical experience. 

When the shoes that you try on are a little too big but not enough to go up a size, you would get some insoles to adjust the fitting. Likewise, our nuts and saddles may require a minor tweak to ensure a snug fit. 

See YouTuber TheNZGeek sand down a Black TUSQ XL Nut to install onto the guitar he's building. Of course, you don't need to be a guitar builder to do this installation. Watch the video below to see how you too can upgrade your parts for an increased harmonics, balanced tone, and stable tuning!  

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Which Type Of Guitarist Are You?

Legendary Guitar Playing

Which stereotypical guitar solo are you most likely to break out into?

Jared Dines, YouTuber and vocalist for Tacoma-based band Dissimulator, hilariously depicts 10 different types of guitar solos. 

Some appropriately named examples are: "The Reverb King," "When In Doubt, Sustain," and "The God of Whammy." 

See all 10 in the video after the jump! 

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Learn Reggae In Under 10 Minutes With Tuff Lion

Guitar Playing Tutorials

You don't need to wait til the New Year to commit to learning a new genre, and you certainly don't need to have sweet dreadlocks to learn reggae (bonus points if you do, though!). 

Musician Tuff Lion beaks down everything you need to get started on playing guitar reggae style - from what type of guitar, different terminology, and how to add your own twist on top of the "harmonically percussive strikes". 

Also... who wouldn't want to learn reggae from a guy named TUFF LION??? Check him out in the video after the jump!  

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How Do You Play With Full Confidence?

Artist Watch

Regardless of musical genre, there's nothing quite as pleasing as watching a charismatic performer emit pure confidence.

On the same note, there's nothing quite as cringey as watching someone who does not quite look comfortable on stage. 

Here's Graph Tech Endorsed Artist Avi Bortnick's secret on how to play with confidence:

“String Savers have been allowing me for years to dig in without fear of a popping string. They work like a charm and sound great too.”

Check him out jammin' his funky yet smooth tune "Rolling Pin" in the video below!  

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Leave Your Acoustic Guitar At Home

Video Blog

Who likes lugging around their gear, especially when you're not certain you'll be needing all of them? #MusicianProblems

You can kill two birds with one stone when you install Ghost Acousti-Phonic on your electric guitar--- and leave your acoustic guitar at home!

Have instant access to true, acoustic tone from your electric guitar or bass, without altering your electric pickups... all it takes is the flick of a switch! 

See Ghost in action in the video after the jump. 

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