Do You Have a Favorite Guitar Manufacturer / Builder?

Product Reviews

Our friends over at Grez Guitars introduce their new Nightingale Archtop and give their take on Ratio machine heads

Jump to the 2:42 mark to see them discuss Ratio: Balanced-Gear Tuning, which is not only "very ergonomic" but the open-back design helps cut down the weight of the overall guitar. 

See the entire discussion in the video after the cut! 

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What DIY Craft Have You Done for Music?

How To Install/Repair

Playing guitar can get expensive, but it's hard to compromise when you're on the journey to find that perfect sound and playing experience. Why not save some costs in areas that do not affect the quality of the guitar itself?

YouTuber Rick Osgood shows how you can save $$$ by building your own guitar stand using PVC pipes. The end result looks pretty slick, and it certainly ups your DIY cred! 

There's minimal gluing involved so even the DIY-Novice would be able to handle this project with ease.  Plus, there's nothing like a fun crafty project where you can actually USE the thing that you built with your own hands. 

Check out the steps in the video below! 

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Who Is Your Favorite One Man Band?

  Who needs a whole band when you've got your hands, voice, an acoustic guitar and crazy talent?

Singer-songwriter Jon Gomm does just that, and manages to achieve a crazy atmospheric song. He even re-tunes the strings mid-performances!

This is definitely one of those performances where a video speaks louder than any description; you just gotta watch it! 

Check out his song "Passionflower" in the video after the cut! 




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Guitar Playing Tutorials

Guitar Playing Tutorials

Make sure you're not falling off the wagon of your New-Year's-Resolution to play more guitar this year with these exercises. 

YouTube channel LickNRiff suggests some seemingly-easy exercises that will challenge your natural tendencies. This includes 1) slowing down and still "keeping the expression" of a chord, 2) playing slower but louder, and 3) playing faster but softer. 

Not only are these simple exercises useful for guitarists of all levels, they can also be tried out immediately. See the breakdown in the video below! 

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Proof Anyone Can Play Guitar

Legendary Guitar Playing

Need a little inspiration this Monday morning?

Check out this extraordinary performance by Mark Goffeney, who was born without arms but did not let that disadvantage get in the way of his love for music.

He rocks with his feet instead! 

Mark also fronts the appropriately named band Big Toe. See his performance in the video after the jump! 


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What Daily Guitar Exercises Do You Do?

Guitar Playing Tutorials

Do you do any daily exercises to keep your guitar skills in check? 

Here are some good drills by guitar instructor Steve Stine. While this video is for intermediate players, there are some good takeaways that could be utilized by players of all levels. 

See Steve showcase his beautiful locks, and share some useful tips on how to take your guitar skills to the next level, in the video below! 

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What Is Your Favorite Devin Townsend Song?

We recently signed on Vancouverite Dave Young as an official Graph Tech Endorsed Artist. Dave has been playing with Devin Townsend Project for over a decade, and also has his solo project Auger as well as other bands like Regal

Here's what Dave has to say about Graph Tech products he's tried: 
“Graph Tech Black Tusq nuts are super smooth and the strings never bind, the Ratio machine heads are very accurate and reliable, and the Ghost piezo system sounds amazing, especially on my Framus baritones.” 

Without further adieu, feast your ears on Devin Townsend Project completely mesmerize the crowd at the Royal Albert Hall in London last month.


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What Type of Ukulele Do You Have?

Got a cheap ukulele lying around? Why not transform it with a little TLC? 

In this informative video, YouTuber boxmonkey demonstrates simple little tricks like swapping strings and oiling the body. Don't forget, you can also upgrade the nut for a more refined sound! 

See him work his magic in the video after the cut! 


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Cure Your Hangover With This Chill Cover

Although the ball dropped a couple days ago, surely some of you of are still recovering from the festivities.

Soothe your hungover soul with this gentle blues rendition of Auld Lang Syne (you'lll recognize the melody even if you're unfamiliar with the title). 

Listen to the super smooth tune in the video after the jump!


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What Will You Challenge Yourself With Musically This Year?

Whatever your stance is on New Year's Resolution, it should not be an excuse to NOT challenge yourself this month.

Check out the 30 Day Guitar Challenge by YouTuber Eric Skye, where he brings up different topics like tone, posture, soul, transcribing, and much more. Though this video is from June, it absolutely applies to any month of the year. 

Eric refers to this Challenge as a "series of essays" on what he thinks matters most about playing guitar. It'll surely give you something to ponder upon that day, and hopefully elevate where you are as a musician!

See the Introduction and the playlist after the jump! 

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