Who Would Be Your Dream Musician To Jam With?

Artist Watch

Graph Tech artist Jamie Harrison recently had the opportunity to perform "Purple Rain" with renowned bassist Nathan East. Here's what he has to say about the experience:

"Working with Nathan East was a complete joy and the ultimate lesson in taste. It never feels like to much or too little. Having a bassist that is the rock, that is the foundation, truly lets you explore the musical space we occupy. I'm privileged to begin a friendship with him."

Also featured in the band is Marcel East (Nathan's Brother), Platinum Album Producer John Kurzweg (worked on several Creed albums, Godsmack, and Jewel) and former drummer to Shemekia Copeland Mo Roberts.

In the Second Half Jamie can be seen playing a pink strat with a TUSQ nut with the addition of Grammy Award winning producer/guitarist Larry Mitchell (former guitarist to Tracy Chapman, Ric Ocasek of the cars, Billy Squier, and Stewart Copeland of the police). 

Jamie shares how using Graph Tech products contributed to his confidence to play with these great artists:

"My whole life I've been surrounded by incredible musicians. Growing up in the Chicago area with my dad, who toured with The Police, Cheap Trick, and Iggy Pop, or friends who played in The Ides of March or The Shadows of night, I learned to appreciate musicians with the highest demands of their instruments. As I've grown as a musician I've required the same high standard from my instrument as I would myself. Graph Tech products like TUSQ Nuts, String Saver Saddles and Ratio Tuners ensure when I go to play with a player the quality of Nathan East I'm in good shape. It's a wonderful experience to work with a company that cares so much about guitars and their performance!"

Without further adieu, check out the performance in the video below! 

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What's the Worst Thing You've Done to a Guitar?

How To Install/Repair

While we're all for getting a little bit rock'n'roll with our guitars, we also believe all instruments need to be respected for its original purpose: to be played.  

When YouTuber Alexandre Deloup found a broken acoustic guitar in the garbage of his building, he decides to take it in and fix it up to be in playable condition.

The guitar had suffered significant damage, with its headstock snapped off and the back destroyed. This video shows Alexandre salvaging the pieces back together. While it's not perfect, it surely adds character and a story to this guitar which can now make music. 

He also shares his steps on his blog--- it's in French, but the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. 

See the video below! 

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What Is Your Favorite Santana Performance?

Legendary Guitar Playing

Some performances just never get old. In fact, like fine wine or aged cheese, we are able to appreciate it more as time passes. 

Carlos Santana, a legendary old hand, is a perfect example of this. 

Here is a clip from 1970 of Santana performing "Black Magic Woman" live at the Tanglewood in Lenox, MA.

You can check out more live music footage, old or new, at Music Vault

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What Physical Limitation Hinders Your Performance?

Guitar Playing Tutorials

Have trouble reaching frets with your petite hand? Instead of cursing your genetics, get over the stigma and impress everybody with this tutorial designed specifically for guitarists with small hands!

YouTuber EricBlackmonMusic shares some useful tips on improving your reach, as well as using alternate chord patterns to play difficult pieces. 

Check out the video below! 

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How Often Do You Change Your Strings?

Video Blog

Nothing kills your guitar mojo faster than a string breaking. Not only does it take you out of the moment, but you also have to deal with the hassle of changing strings. This seemingly minor inconvenience can add up and get in the way of those of us who just wanna play, play, play! 
Installing  String Saver  saddles on your guitar can significantly reduce the metal fatigue on your strings because they are permanently lubricated with PTFE, the slipperiest substance on earth. Your strings are no longer stuck on that one stress point, and your breakage frequency will decrease significantly.
Read more on the science behind string breakage, or check out the video to learn more about String Saver!
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How Do You Climate-Control Your Acoustic Guitar?

How To Install/Repair

Humidity, or lack thereof, can totally screw up your acoustic guitar if you're not careful with maintenance and storage. Extreme heat or cold can have an effect as well especially if there's a sudden change in temperature.

Zager Guitar shares some stories and tips on why "you can't just put your guitar anywhere, leave it alone, and expect it to be fine." 

See it in the video below! 

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What Would Your Dream Guitar Look and Sound Like?

Legendary Guitar Playing

When you've been rockin' hard for 50+ years and influencing generations of musicians, you deserve the very best. 

Richard Wildeman of Wildeman Guitars constructed this beautiful guitar for Rudolf Schenker of the Scorpions to commemorate their 50th anniversary in 2015. It was presented to him before their show in Windsor, Ontario Canada, where he played it on stage after.

Crafted by hand in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, it features mostly Canadian hardware and components: Graph Tech - Ratio tuners, TUSQ XL nut and ResoMax NW-2 bridge, and Fury ZP-20 pickup. 

It features a one-piece torrefied curly maple neck and binding concept by inlaying the ebony headplate and fingerboard into the neck. The chrome paint on the body is actually a chemical process using specialized equipment.


Here's what Richard had to say about why he chose to install Graph Tech parts on this guitar: 

"I am simply amazed by the tonal enhancement that is achieved with GraphTech's bridges. They just seem to pull tones out of the wood that otherwise remain hiddenI also love the comfort of the ResoMax bridge. It's truly a joy to play a guitar with this bridge. The TUSQ XL nuts are also standard with all my guitars. They really do help stabilize the tuning, and the black option is a sexy touch. They are perfectly slotted and are a real time-saver to install. The Ratio machine heads really stand apart from all other tuners on the market, and are also a joy to use. I look forward to a life-long relationship with Grap Tech, and am proud that they are also a Canadian company!"

Thank you Richard for putting our products into great use! 

Hear Rudolf put this amazing guitar in action in the video below (he picks it up around the 2:50 mark)!

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What #GuitaristProblem Do You Hate the Most?

Guitar Playing Tutorials

We've all cursed at our pinky finger for being significantly weaker than the rest of your digits. Our smallest finger can truly feel like the weakest link especially when your other 4 fingers are ready to rock'n'roll.

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut or cheat around this #GuitaristProblem. However, there is a solution. 

YouTuber and musician Jim Lill shares how you can strengthen your weakest finger by doing "curls in the weight room, except in the hand instead of your biceps." Like with any strengthening drills, this requires practice but the payoff will be extremely rewarding. 

See what Jim is talkingabout in the video below! 

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What Is Your Nut Made Of?

Video Blog

Any serious musician is constantly on the journey of exploring for the perfect tone. Find out how you can achieve maximum tone for every string, every time by simply upgrading your nut and saddle. 

Bone and Ivory nuts and saddles have one inherent problem - they're made from organic materials, and therefore have inconsistent soft or dead spots because of their natural grain.  TUSQ nuts, saddles and bridge pins are precision engineered under high pressure and heat, specifically to govern which frequencies are transferred to your guitar top (tone), and which frequencies remain in the strings (sustain).  TUSQ delivers the optimum frequencies from the strings to the guitar top, producing richer and fuller tone. 

Find out more about tWhat his superior material in the video below! 

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What Type of Finish Do You Prefer on Your Guitar?

Want to restore that brand new sheen on your electric guitar? Try wet-sanding to get that mirror-like reflective surface. 

You only need a few items, as covered by Mills Custom GuitarsThis video walks you through the delicate process of wet-sanding the body of your guitar so you can get a smooth polished finish and the colors to pop more. You can also apply this method on other items besides guitar, like furtniture. Check it out below! 


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